Out of this world

At Red Bull you end up working on projects that are right up there. This one took it to another level... literally. I led the charge on the UK media strategy for Red Bull Stratos. This is one of the first pieces of coverage we secured in New Scientist, almost three years before the jump!

Screenshot 2019-04-11 at 19.35.23.png
Superhero shins

When this British start up came knocking, I was very excited to get involved. I wrote a launch strategy and then activated it. John McGowan, the most fouled player in the Scottish top flight, was just one of the players keen to give the bulletproof shin pads a go

Leisurely one

With the Olympics heading out to Rio, Fusion Lifestyle wanted to maximise the occasion and drive footfall into their leisure centres. I recruited Commonwealth Sprint Champion Ryan Scott and challenged the media to knock a second off their best 100m time.